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Photo of Stanford GSE doctoral students

Parissa Jahromi

photo of Parissa Jahromi

Program: DAPS (PhD): Child and Adolescent Development
Admission Year: 2009

What were you doing before coming to Stanford GSE?
Before coming to Stanford GSE, I was on a Fulbright fellowship in the Netherlands studying adolescent identity development and civic involvement among Dutch youth.

What are your research interests?
I am interested in understanding and promoting positive social development from early childhood through adolescence. I am especially interested in civic development, how people come to see themselves as members of their communities and society. I also want to understand how young children learn to regulate their social behaviors and how their social behaviors relate to their developing friendships. I am interested in how these processes work in the contexts of schools.

What are your academic/career goals post-GSE?
After finishing at Stanford GSE, I want to teach and do research at a college or university. I will continue research to understand positive developmental processes in childhood and adolescence. I hope to apply this work to understanding how families, schools, classrooms, and communities can promote positive social development.

Why did you choose to come to Stanford?
Stanford is such an amazing place to learn. I choose to come here because of the quality of teaching, mentoring, peers, resources, and opportunities. The beautiful campus, lovely weather, and gorgeous surrounding Bay Area didn't hurt either.

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