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Photo of Stanford GSE doctoral students

Tim Reilly

photo of Tim ReillyProgram: DAPS (PhD): Adolescent Development
Admission Year: 2007

What were you doing before coming to Stanford GSE?
I was an undergraduate at Indiana University studying social psychology before coming to Stanford GSE. I also worked in educational research, as a designer for Quest: Atlantis, a multi-user co-curricular virtual environment for elementary and middle school students.

What are your research interests?
I am interested in moral and spiritual development, gifted education, vocational formation, and social psychology

What are your academic/career goals post-GSE?
I intend to pursue a career as a researcher and practitioner in student development in higher education and secondary education.

Why did you choose to come to Stanford?
I chose to come to Stanford because it had a wide variety of opportunities that I couldn't combine elsewhere. I was able to pursue all of my interests to some degree during my time here and to broaden my knowledge of my field. It was also, as an undergraduate, the most socially inviting school of education, for someone with my background.

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