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Application Requirements for the Joint JD/MA in Education Master's Program

The School of Law and the Graduate School of Education conduct a joint program leading to a J.D. degree from the Law School combined with an M.A. degree from the Graduate School of Education. Law students interested in pursuing MA program must (i) apply to the Law School and indicate their interest in the joint JD/MA in Education program in their law school application; or (ii)* after being admitted to the Law School, current students may apply to the joint program no later than the earlier of: (a) the end of the second year of law school; or (b) the School's admission deadline for the MA program starting the year following that second year of law school. Students must secure permission from both academic units to pursue degrees in those units as part of a joint degree program.

*Current JD students seeking admission to the MA/JD program can use the following application directly.

JD/MA students begin their course of study in the School of Law. Faculty advisors from each academic unit will participate in the planning and supervising of the student's joint program. A number of courses taken in either the Law School or the School of Education may count towards the JD and the MA. For additional information please contact the JD/MA Program Advisor, Professor William Koski, at

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