Course Waivers

In the GSE, students have the ability to request a course waiver exempting them from needing to take a required GSE methods or area course. These courses include the methods sequence: EDUC 400A (formerly EDUC 200C), EDUC 400B (formerly EDUC 250B), and EDUC 450A (formerly EDUC 250C); as well as required courses for a student's area or subplan (see that area/subplan's section of the handbook for course requirements). For methods courses, approval is required from the instructor of the course the student is waiving, and for area/subplan courses, approval is required from the advisor and area chair. Students are should obtain written confirmation from the required parties and submit it to the Director of Degree Programs. The same procedure should also be followed in cases where a student would like to substitute another course in place of an area or methods requirement.