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DevelopED Professional Learning Opportunities

Faculty from Stanford Graduate School of Education research centers develop and oversee in-person and online research based professional development opportunities reaching over 40,000 people a year.

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6 July 2021

Eliciting Student Thinking & Academic Thinking

This institute occurs in Monash University, Australia. Teacher teams will explore research-informed ideas about how people learn, curricular coherence, and the core practices of eliciting student thinking and facilitating discussion.
Faculty members Bryan Brown and Eric Bettinger show college leaders how to make science relevant.
18 July 2021

Aspen-Stanford Rising Presidents' Fellowship

The 2020-2021 Aspen Fellowship blends campus-based and virtual leadership lessons for 40 future presidents of community colleges.
26 July 2021

Formative Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning

This institute is designed for teaching teams from core content subject areas. Our approach will be relevant for teachers from any school system or country that values student-centered learning to learn how to bridge from research to practice.
26 July 2021

Instructional Leadership Using a Core Practices Approach

The goal of this institute is to introduce school leaders to our practice-based approach to professional learning and engage them in learning experiences that will help them support and build teacher capacity in their own school contexts.
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