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Photo of a Stanford GSE event near Cubberley Building

Excellence in teaching: What is it and how do we develop it? with Janet Carlson and Monash University's Amanda Berry

Thursday, June 4, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Zoom (link will be provided in your event receipt email)
Janet Carlson
Janet Carlson
Amanda Berry
Amanda Berry

Note: This event takes place at 3pm on Thursday, June 4 in California / 8am on Friday, June 5 in Eastern Australia.

Please join us for a special virtual event with Stanford Professor Janet Carlson and Monash University Professor Amanda Berry on June 5 at 8am Australian Eastern time.

Excellence comes when professionals move beyond routines and focus on being adaptive. More than ever, ‘adaptive expertise’ is essential for teachers, business owners, and families. Professors Janet Carlson (Stanford University) and Mandi Berry (Monash University) will share the concept of adaptive expertise as a key construct that informs expertise, not just in teaching but across many different professions. 


Janet Carlson | Associate Professor (Research) and Faculty Director, Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET), Stanford Graduate School of Education

Carlson is the faculty director of the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET), a research-to-practice center at the GSE whose mission is to work in partnership to solve persistent problems of practice by improving the quality of instruction, keeping instructional equity at the center of work, and developing leading teachers. Carlson's research interests include the impact of educative curriculum materials and transformative professional development on science teaching and learning. She began her career as a middle and high school science teacher and has spent the last 20 years working in science education developing curriculum, leading professional development, and conducting research. Dr. Carlson received a PhD in Instruction and Curriculum (science education) from the University of Colorado.

Amanda Berry | Professor, Maths Science & Technology, Monash University

Mandi is a former secondary science teacher whose interest in students' science learning and the relationship between teaching and learning led her into a career in academia. Mandi gained her Masters in Education at Monash University through a study of the developing pedagogy of four preservice science teachers. Her PhD, also completed at Monash University, extended her investigation of teacher learning through a longitudinal study of her own professional knowledge development as a biology teacher educator. Her study conceptualised a network of tensions that influence teacher educators' learning about their practice. Her 'tensions' work has been taken up and applied in the work of educators internationally. Alongside studies of teacher educator professional knowledge development, Mandi has worked with colleagues at Monash University and internationally, investigating the specialised expertise of science teachers, using the construct of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK). Through an extensive program of research, Mandi and her colleagues have developed specific tools for uncovering and representing science teachers' PCK that have been utilised by educators and researchers worldwide.

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