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Rickford, John

John Rickford
John Rickford
Academic Title 
Courtesy Professor
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Member of Academic Council
Professor of Linguistics

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I study sociolinguistics, especially the relation between language and ethnicity, social class and style, language variation and change, pidgin and creole languages, especially Gullah, Guyanese, and other Caribbean creoles, African American Vernacular English, and the applications of linguistics to educational problems.

  • Linguistics 73: African American Vernacular English
  • Linguistics 97: Spring Seminar (Undergraduate Research)
  • Linguistics 150: Language in Society
  • Linguistics 162/262: English Transplanted, English Transformed--Pidgins and Creoles
  • Linguistics 250: Sociolinguistic Theory and Analysis
  • Linguistics 251: Sociolinguistics and Pidgin Creole Studies
  • Linguistics 255B: Topics in Sociolinguistics: Stylistic Variation
  • Linguistics 255C: Topics in Sociolinguistics: Study of AAVE and other American dialects
  • Linguistics 286: Sociolinguistic Field Methods