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International Comparative Education (ICE)

What is ICE?

The International Comparative Education (ICE) concentration is a multidisciplinary, international, cross-cultural program of training that places educational problems into an international and comparative framework.

Doctoral and Master's programs


Photo of Madelyn Gardner

“The program married my interests in education policy and global studies, presenting an opportunity to study educational issues through a variety of disciplinary lenses.”

Madelyn Gardner, IEPA MA '15

Patrick Curry

“Through studying with professors whose research focused on language and literacy, I was able to develop a much deeper understanding of literacy development and international literacy programs, as well as the ability to critically read and critique current research within the field.”

Patrick Curry, ICE MA '15

Jane Leer

“It is a unique privilege to be with such a passionate, smart and diverse group of students and faculty, and I am honored to call my classmates and professors lifelong friends and colleagues.”

Jane Leer, IEPA MA '15