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International Comparative Education (ICE)

What is ICE?

The International Comparative Education (ICE) concentration is a multidisciplinary, international, cross-cultural program of training that places educational problems into an international and comparative framework.

Doctoral and Master's programs


Photo of Isabel Sacks

"I also gained deeper knowledge of education systems worldwide using analytic skills from a variety of disciplines. The highlight of the program for me, though, was the cohort format. Our tight-knit group of 21 came from eight different countries and had worked in even more – no longer were articles simply theoretical, as oftentimes someone in the group had firsthand knowledge of the setting we were discussing."

Isabel Sacks, ICE MA '19

Photo of Darion Aaron Wallace

"The small cohort size allowed for me and my fellow classmates to create a strong professional network rooted in collegiality and friendship. I had the opportunity engage in cross-disciplinary coursework through taking classes at the law school, which enriched the policy component of the IEPA program. The most distinctive difference about Stanford’s MA program is writing the thesis of publishable quality that trains students to generatively contribute to the field of education with research driven solutions."

Darion Aaron Wallace, IEPA MA '19

Photo of Joanna Shruti Sundharam

"Learning from world-renowned professors and practitioners and interacting with peers from different countries have put me at ease with working in multi-cultural teams. Through courses in experimental methods, statistical analysis, data science, and regression analysis, I have developed core quantitative research skills directly relevant to my next career steps."

Joanna Shruti Sundharam, IEPA MA '19


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