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Amplify Ghana: Connecting farmers with the information they want

Project by 
Katie McFeely
Project Year 
One million families in Ghana depend on farming for their livelihoods. In rural, northern Ghana the dry season extends for 6 months. During that time, farmers grow crops for cash. The farmers are experienced, but unforeseen events - new pests, wells collapsing– have dire consequences. Farmers live tenuously on the brink of extreme poverty with no safety net. Yet, there are domain experts in pest control, agriculture, and business in Ghana whose are equipped to educate farmers. Because they are few, they cannot reach every farmer. How might we give farmers a safety net and equip them with information to prevent catastrophes? How might we do it in an authentic way, that amplifies the work being done and uses existing infrastructure to ensure sustainability? Amplify Ghana takes the one to one conversations that domain experts are having with farmers, captures those conversations, and shares them with villages of farmers.