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Pleasure to Meet Me: Where the "I" and the "we" meet in forming sexual and gender identity.

Project by 
José "Sapo" Lizárraga
Project Year 
Where does our understanding of gender and pleasure come from? Is there a space between individual and collective conceptions of identity? Pleasure to Meet Me forces the participant to stand alone at the nexus of gender, pleasure, sexuality and other identity markers, while contributing to a larger tapestry of narratives collected by the piece. This experience is designed to capture the fleeting moments of identity and take the participant into the borders between the “I” and the “we.” The beginnings and endings of identity are brought into question, as are the imitations that are reproduced in the social matrix with which the participant is embedded in outside of this experience. As an “inter-flection” piece, the artist asks that the participant leave with further questions about the psyche, while also performing a temporary portrait of pleasure for future participants.