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Alumni News

Todd Dickson (MA '02) founded Valor Collegiate after being recruited by Nashville Mayor, Karl Dean, to replicate Summit Public Schools. Nashville Public Radio aired a story about recruiting for a diverse population of students.

Marysol de la Torre (MA '03) was named Educator of the Year by the Rotarians in Chico. "Ten years later, I'm still in love with teaching and I'm at a great school and one of the founders of ~ Inspire School of the Arts and Sciences."

Kim Vinh (MA '05) is the 2013 Youth Journalism Educator of the Year

Jessica Uy (MA '07) was chosen to share her exceptional work as a geometry teacher as a Master Teacher in the Master Teacher Project of BetterLesson.

Nine current students and alums were chosen to receive five-year Teaching Fellowships from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation:

Colleen Sutter Saldivar (MA '09) was chosen Teacher of the Year in Moreland School District in May 2013.

Amanda Alonzo (MA '02) was profiled in Tony Wagner's Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World.

Dave Reid (MA '11) felt fortunate to be included in the Learning Matter's "Why I Teach" series during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Kirstin Milks (MA '10) AP biology class took part in a University of Indiana research project on plant DNA.

Andrea Overly (MA '06) was awarded the Educator of the Year award in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Andrea was honored to receive the award, especially in a profession that she loves so much. It has made her reflect on how she has gotten to this point over the years, and she credits STEP with a huge part of that success.

Kirstin Milks' (MA '10) students at Sequoia High School are exploring the process that converts plant material into fuel for vehicles and other uses as a tribute to Earth Day and as a part of Milks' fellowship from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation. Posted 4/11.

Risha Krishna (MA '01) and Trevor Neeb (MA '01) have had their book The Curry Club published. A young adult novel about 2 girls, a Latina and an Indian, coming to age in southern California. It is a light humorous read highlighting 80's pop culture. Both Risha and Trevor are still teaching.

Amanda (Day) Alonzo (MA '02) and Craig Young (MA '07) were two of the science teachers profiled in a New York Times article about science fairs.

Roger Mueller-Kim (MA '02) a history teacher in Dublin, CA had a winning night on Jeopardy in February 2011.

Devin Beliveau (MA '05) was elected to be a state representative for Maine. Because the state government only convenes in the spring, Devin is still able to teach history in the fall semester.

Alison Ball (MA '07) was one of the teacher leaders for the wilderness training that took Oakland kids out for a three day trip to the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Danny Bliss (MA '08) and Ben Canning (MA '08) were featured in the October 2010 article Stanford Trained Teachers Flock to Redwood City's Sequoia High.

In summer 2010 Travis Bristol (MA '04) made two trips to Guyana to provide technical support to the Ministry of Education as part of an internship with the World Bank. Travis worked with government officials to create a strategy to increase the number of male teachers, designed an incentive program to reduce student and teacher absenteeism, and created a course for in-service teachers on strategies to engage males within their classrooms.

Kirstin Milks (MA '10) answered Ten Questions for the Teacher on the Sequoia Union High School District website. Question 1 & answer: Reason pursued a career in education: While I was working as a scientist, I loved learning about what other folks were doing, and I really liked sharing my understandings and skills with others. Plus, I’m passionate about civil rights and social justice, and working with students lets me think about and support those causes every day.

Zachary Hermann (MA '07) was selected as an Illinois State Board of Education "Those Who Excel" Excellence Award Winner for Early Career Education.

Sonja Swanson (MA '10) had an essay published in the March/April issue of the Stanford Magazine:"Be Like Charlotte: A student teacher learns to stay aware of the itsy-bitsy details.".

Vishodana Thamotharan (MA '05) is teaching full time while pursuing her doctorate--her dissertation is focused on structures and systems in high performing high poverty schools that support professional learning specifically as it relates to changing teacher belief. Visho says about STEP "I have to let you know that I am grateful for my STEP education. It has framed the way I think about my teaching practice and informs all of teaching decisions. It has had such a positive impact on my students' achievement. My first year of teaching, my principal asked after a professional development day where I had learned to think about teaching and I attributed it to STEP. I was/am at such an advantage compared to the other first year teachers."

Amanda Alonzo (MA '02) has helped turn Lynbrook High School into a science powerhouse. She loves what she teaches her students and says, "I think that it rubs off on them."

Robert Pronovost (MA '07) is using technology in his 2nd grade classroom at Belle Haven Elementary in the Ravenswood School District.

Haydee Rodriguez (MA '01) has been elected to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Board of Directors for a term of three years.

One of 5 chosen Teacher of the Year in California, Kelly Kovacic (MA '02) teaches Social Studies in 11th and 12th grades at The Preuss School, an intensive college preparatory school for low-income student populations located on the UCSD campus. She also was selected as California’s nominee for the prestigious National Teacher of the Year competition and is now one of the four finalists.

Jeff Camarillo (MA '05) teaches American history to middle schoolers at the Vanguard Learning Center in the Compton Unified School District. His father, Al Camarillo, Stanford professor, grew up there, and 35 years into his academic career, he's revisiting it as a historian.

Robert Pronovost's (MA '07) 2nd grade class in Ravenswood was profiled on KRON4's tech news where they showed how their classroom uses a special smart board. (Note: navigate to story titled "Some Classrooms Utilize High Tech Chalkboards.")

Cristina Galvan So (MA '02) is in the arctic paired with a research team looking at how polar bears are coping with sea ice loss due to global climate change.

Kristy Schleibaum (MA '08) talks about her first year of teaching.

Channa Cook (MA '03) is the principal of Sojourner Truth Academy, a charter school in New Orleans.

Taica Hsu's (MA '06) students do projects in which they apply mathematical principles to illustrate social inequities.

Knowles Teaching Fellow Geetha Lakshminarayanan (MA '08) recognized in Bay Area paper.

Travis Bristol (MA '04) recognized in NYC Department of Education recruitment video - Day in the Life.

The Shakespeare Institute at the Folger Library features a lesson plan created by Downtown College Prep teacher Kristy Cabrera (MA '04).

Risha Krishna (MA '01) draws Fremont students to ethnic studies classes in unorthodox ways.

Justin Green (MA '05) quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle in an article about EPAHS.

Michelle Wagner (MA '00) named "Teacher of the Week" by San Jose Mercury News

Read about STEP alum & Fremont Union High School District's teacher of the year for 2003: Khir Johari!

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