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Courses - Offerings & Class Schedule

Current course offerings & class schedule

Course schedule

The most recent version of the Autumn 2020 Visual Time Schedule can be found here. (This version was updated/posted on November 3, 2020.)

Please note that the schedule and all courses are subject to change. If you have any questions regarding the course schedule, please contact Tommy Liu at

The most up-to-date class scheduling information can be found on ExploreCourses.

Course discovery

The GSE's Course Discovery tool is a resource for you to discover the types of courses that exist at the Graduate School of Education (GSE), along with how those courses intersect with program and requirement affiliations. Only GSE courses that are offered during this current academic year will appear in the Course Discovery tool.

Programs and course requirements

For information on currently offered academic programs and required coursework, please see the Master’s Degree Handbook and the Doctoral Degree Handbook.


The Stanford Bulletin, issued annually in late August, contains information about the University and its schools, departments, and programs, including courses taught during the current academic year and requirements for degree programs.


Please be advised that Canvas has now replaced Coursework as a the university's learning management system. If you upload your syllabus in the "syllabus" field of Canvas, it will automatically appear in Stanford Syllabus.

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