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Joseph Castro is the president of California State University, Fresno. (Photo: Cary Edmondson, Fresno State)
Joseph Castro, Haydee Rodriguez and Piya Sorcar win the 2016 Alumni Excellence in Education Award.
Irene Castillon, MA’ 10, is the founding academic dean and Mexican-American history teacher in east San Jose at the Luis Valdez Leadership Academy, a charter school managed by the Foundation for Hispanic Education.
A policy brief discusses the impact of financial aid programs like the one that helped Irene Castillon, MA ’10.
Carl Wieman
Stanford Nobel laureate Carl Wieman is recognized for leadership in science education.


Interdisciplinary preparation to conduct rigorous research, relevant to educational policy and practice.


Intensive programs in K12 teaching, technology design, international studies, policy, leadership, and more.


Honors and minor programs for courses and research in the field of education.

GSE professors bring the latest advances in the social sciences, technology and teacher preparation to the field of education. Their scholarship is deepening our understanding of learning while changing policy and practice.

Francisco Ramirez
Bryan Brown
David F. Labaree
Leah Gordon
Ira Lit
Maren Aukerman
Sam Wineburg
Susanna Loeb
Prudence L. Carter
Teresa LaFromboise
Paulo Blikstein
Patricia Bromley

Photo of Payal Kapadia

“A wonderful aspect of the ICE/IEPA program is that the cohort is relatively small, allowing everyone to truly get to know one another. I can easily say that I have made lifelong friends.”

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Leaders in practice, research and policy, connecting through Stanford, to promote educational excellence.