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Subini Annamma

Photo of Subini Ancy Annamma

Subini Ancy Annamma

Associate Professor

Assistant: John Baker


Prior to her doctoral studies, Subini Ancy Annamma was a special education teacher in both public schools and youth prisons. Currently, she is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. Her research critically examines the ways students are criminalized and resist that criminalization through the mutually constitutive nature of racism and ableism, how they interlock with other marginalizing oppressions, and how these intersections impact youth education trajectories in urban schools and youth prisons. Further, she positions students as knowledge generators, exploring how their narratives can inform teacher and special education. Dr. Annamma’s book, The Pedagogy of Pathologization (Routledge, 2018) focuses on the education trajectories of incarcerated disabled girls of color and has won the 2019 AESA Critic’s Choice Book Award & 2018 NWSA Alison Piepmeier Book Prize. Dr. Annamma is a past Ford Postdoctoral Fellow, AERA Division G Early Career Awardee, Critical Race Studies in Education Associate Emerging Scholar recipient, Western Social Science Association's Outstanding Emerging Scholar, and AERA Minority Dissertation Awardee. Dr. Annamma’s work has been published in scholarly journals such as Educational Researcher, Teachers College Record, Review of Research in Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Theory Into Practice, Race Ethnicity and Education, Qualitative Inquiry, among others.

Other Titles

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education

Program Affiliations


Recent Publications

Annamma, S. A., & Handy, T. (2020). Sharpening Justice Through DisCrit: A Contrapuntal Analysis of Education. EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER.

Annamma, S. A., Handy, T., Miller, A. L., & Jackson, E. (2020). Animating Discipline Disparities Through Debilitating Practices: Girls of Color and Inequitable Classroom Interactions. TEACHERS COLLEGE RECORD, 122(5).

Annamma, S. A., & Handy, T. (2019). DisCrit solidarity as curriculum studies and transformative praxis. CURRICULUM INQUIRY, 49(4), 442–63.

Subini Annamma in the News & Media

In an op-ed, Associate Professor Subini Annamma discusses the policies and practices in schools that criminalize Black youth.
July 14, 2020
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