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We envision a world where all learners are prepared to thrive in a dynamic future.

Now is a transformational time in education. We are on the cusp of imminent breakthroughs that will change our ability to improve teaching and learning for all.

Stanford Graduate School of Education is helping students, educators, policymakers, parents and institutions make headway in areas that were once out of reach. We are advancing research, strengthening programs and creating new initiatives that catalyze the distinctive scholarship of Stanford.

Explore our plan for improving lives through learning.

Grand Challenges

We pursue the greatest challenges and most promising opportunities facing education.

We have identified nine grand challenges where Stanford's unique strengths can ignite breakthroughs that will transform learning. Through discovery and innovation, we are confident we can drive change and improve lives.


Discovery reveals what was previously unknown. Discoveries pave the way for new approaches and create new opportunities.

What's next in discovery
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Innovation turns discovery and creativity into usable knowledge. It is derived from a culture of daring that prizes deep understanding of needs and possibilities.

What's new in innovation
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Drive Change.

Lasting change depends on sustained effort and leadership. Discoveries and innovations remain inert without additional work to put them into practice.

Learn how to turn ideas into action
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Strategic Initiatives

New initiatives will accelerate progress on education's grand challenges.

From special education to data sciences, we are building new programs, spaces and tools to advance the best ideas, discover new knowledge and prepare the next generation of researchers and teachers.