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Faculty & Research

GSE professors bring the latest advances in the social sciences, technology and teacher preparation to the field of education. Their scholarship is deepening our understanding of learning while changing policy and practice.

Photo of student in a classroom
November 17, 2020
Stanford scholars use artificial intelligence tools to study representation in textbooks
Photo of an affirmative action protest
October 27, 2020
Stanford education scholar on California’s Proposition 16 and the evolution of affirmative action
Photo of empty classroom
October 23, 2020
Stanford policy analyst looks at the implications of California’s Proposition 15
Photo of the pope greeting researchers
October 12, 2020
With a visit to the Vatican, Stanford education professors play a part in crafting a new global initiative
Photo of young people with a variety of online news devices
October 8, 2020
As the 2020 election approaches, Stanford scholars teach skills to judge fact from fiction online
Photo of students in a classroom
September 23, 2020
Stanford researchers usher in a new era for California’s ‘invisible’ schools

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Grand Challenges

We have identified nine grand challenges in education where Stanford can drive transformative breakthroughs.

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To answer educations's grand challenges, we must discover new knowledge, innovate new ideas and put those ideas to work in the world.

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Strategic Initiatives

New programs, research areas and spaces will help us accelerate progress on education’s grand challenges.

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GSE Open Archive

The GSE Open Archive is an institutional repository that makes publicly available the working papers, published articles, and other materials produced by the faculty, staff, and students at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

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