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Research Stories

Through stories about our research, we communicate new ideas and discoveries that help drive decisions in classrooms and beyond.

Photo of kids reading
December 19, 2019
Getting a read on low literacy scores
K-12 | Language and Literacy | Learning Differences
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Black and white photo of protesters
November 19, 2019
High school textbooks present social movements largely as a thing of the past, according to Stanford scholars
Civics and History | International Education | Teaching
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Photo of high school students reading smartphones
November 18, 2019
High school students are unprepared to judge the credibility of information on the internet, according to Stanford researchers
Civics and History | Curriculum and Instruction | K-12
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Photo of African American student graduating from high school
October 21, 2019
Access to black male achievement program lowered student dropout rates, Stanford-led study finds
Curriculum and Instruction | Diversity and Identity | K-12
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Photo of Francis Pearman
October 16, 2019
Racial disparities in school discipline are linked to the achievement gap between black and white students nationwide, according to Stanford-led study
Education Policy | Poverty and Inequality | Race and Equity
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Photo of students of color doing science experiments
October 14, 2019
When it comes to teaching science, culture and language matter, Stanford education scholar says
Curriculum and Instruction | Diversity and Identity | Science and Math Education
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Photo of Jo Boaler
October 1, 2019
‘Embrace the struggle’: Stanford education professor challenges common beliefs about teaching and learning
Brain and Learning Sciences | Parenting | Teaching
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Photo of Sean Reardon in front of U.S. map showing school achievement data
September 23, 2019
School poverty—not racial composition—limits educational opportunity, according to new research from Stanford
Data Science | Poverty and Inequality | Race and Equity
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Teens protesting
September 17, 2019
What do teens care about? Stanford education researchers uncover top concerns in letters to presidential candidates
Civics and History | Language and Literacy | Students
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Picture of Elizabeth Toomarian teaching children about neuroscience with a stuffed bunny rabbit.
August 7, 2019
Stanford researchers investigate how the brain changes with different learning experiences
Brain and Learning Sciences | Learning Differences | Research and Practice
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Teacher in front of classroom
July 29, 2019
“If you don’t have a strong supply of well-prepared teachers, nothing else in education can work”
Education Policy | School Leadership | Teaching
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Preschool children in a classroom
June 24, 2019
Poll finds that California voters rank early childhood education spending below other educational priorities
Early Childhood | Education Policy
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