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Photo of Stanford GSE students

Master's Programs

The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP)

STEP offers both an elementary and secondary route. Both programs lead to teacher certification in the state of California, and both require intensive, supervised practice at school sites, as well as academic course work that focuses on cutting-edge, school-based research.

Learning, Design and Technology (LDT)

LDT integrates powerful contemporary ideas about learning with emergent technologies, to design and evaluate learning environments, products, and programs. LDT graduates bring their skills to bear in a variety of settings, including schools, museums, research institutions, and educational technology companies.

International Comparative Education (ICE)

ICE addresses educational practice in a rapidly changing global context and in both less developed and industrialized countries, including the United States. Students examine such problems as the political economy of underdevelopment and educational planning in comparative perspective. The major research project requirement provides students the opportunity to develop excellent research skills.

Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS)

POLS provides the knowledge, theoretical acumen, and hands-on experience necessary for effective leadership in a wide range of education enterprises. Students apply what they learn in graduate courses and field projects that provide valuable input to partner organizations while honing skills of critical analysis, teamwork, and problem-solving. 

International Education Policy Analysis (IEPA)

IEPA combines study in International and Comparative Education (ICE) with academic work in educational policy analysis in international and comparative contexts. A major research project on a topic of their choosing is required of all students.

Curriculum and Teacher Education (CTE)

CTE is an individualized, research-intensive program intended for students with prior professional experience and education. A very small number of students are accepted to this program every year.

The Individually designed MA in Education

The individually designed MA in Education is designed for Stanford doctoral students enrolled outside of the Graduate School of Education. Individuals who are not enrolled at the doctoral level at Stanford cannot be considered for this program.

Joint Degree—Enterprise Programs

Joint MA in Education/MBA

The Joint MA/MBA in Education and Business Administration combines the assets of two internationally recognized professional schools to equip students for varied careers in education and related business ventures.

Joint MA/MPP in Public Policy and Education

The Joint MA/MPP prepares students with cutting-edge analytic techniques to address critical policy questions in education and related domains.

Other Joint Degree Program

Joint MA/JD in Law and Education

MA/JD combines study for the JD degree in law with an individualized program in education.

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