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International Comparative Education (ICE)

What is ICE?

The International Comparative Education (ICE) concentration is a multidisciplinary, international, cross-cultural program of training that places educational problems into an international and comparative framework.

Doctoral and Master's programs


Michelle Reddy

"Before coming to Stanford, I never imagined that I would come to enjoy quantitative research methods. The excellent and supportive learning environment at the GSE enabled me to try new things, like learning coding and taking many quantitative methods courses. As a mixed-methods researcher, I focus on organizational change and social transformation in developing countries, looking specifically at the development of the non-profit sector."

Michelle Reddy, ICE Doctoral Candidate

"The most amazing part of the program, however, is the constant support that I’ve received from everyone here--- my advisors, all the faculty I’ve worked with, and my colleagues- both in the ICE program and at the GSE and Stanford in general. Since coming to Stanford, I have had the opportunity to work on a range of research projects and have had diverse teaching experiences."

Nadine Ann Skinner, ICE Doctoral Candidate

Photo of Emily Schell

"As the adage goes, the more I learned about my research interests and those of my peers, the more I realized how much I did not know – but wanted to find out. In sum, through this master’s program, I became a better student, researcher, and thinker."

Emily Schell, ICE MA '18

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