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Christine Min Wotipka

Photo of Christine Min Wotipka

Christine Min Wotipka

Associate Professor (Teaching)

Assistant: Rachel Kelly

Office: Littlefield 384


Christine Min Wotipka is Associate Professor (Teaching) of Education and (by courtesy) Sociology and Director of the Master’s Program in International Comparative Education (ICE) and International Education Policy Analysis (IEPA) at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Dr. Wotipka is co-Resident Fellow at the Education and Society Theme (EAST) House, which she co-founded in 2010. Starting in the 2021-22 academic year, EAST House will become the Equity, Access & Society Theme House. From 2012-2016, she served as Director of the Program in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Stanford University. In 2019, she was elected to the Stanford Faculty Senate and after serving on the Committee on Committees, was a member of the Steering Committee in 2020-21.

Dr. Wotipka’s research centers around two main themes examined from cross-national and longitudinal approaches. The first relates to leadership in higher education with a focus on gender, race and ethnicity, and sexuality. The second theme, that of citizenship and education, explores how social science curricula, namely school textbooks, have shifted focus away from the development of national identities to ones that emphasize global citizenship. Her articles have appeared in Social Forces, Sociology of Education, Gender & Society, American Journal of Education, Comparative Education Review, and International Journal of Comparative Sociology.

Other Titles

Associate Professor (Teaching), Graduate School of Education
Associate Professor (Teaching) (By courtesy), Sociology

Program Affiliations

Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE)
SHIPS (PhD): Higher Education
SHIPS (PhD): Social Sciences in Education
SHIPS (PhD): Sociology of Education
SHIPS (PhD): International Comparative Education

Research Interests

Civic Education | Diversity and Identity | Gender Issues | Higher Education | International and Comparative Education | Research Methods | Sociology

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Recent Publications

Hoffman, K. S., Torres, M. B., & Wotipka, C. M. (2021). Cross-National Variation in School Reopening Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic . AERA Open, 7(1).

Fields, X., & Wotipka, C. M. (2020). Effect of LGBT anti-discrimination laws on school climate and outcomes for lesbian, gay, and bisexual high school students. Journal of LGBT Youth.

Gross, M. H., & Wotipka, C. M. (2019). Students’ Understanding of the History of American Slavery: Differences by Race, Ethnicity, and Gender. The Social Studies , 110(5).

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