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Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS)

What is POLS?
POLS is a nine-month, cohort-based Master’s program in which a diverse cohort of students gain the knowledge, theory, and hands-on experience necessary for effective leadership in a wide range of education enterprises. Through graduate coursework and capstone field projects with partner sites, students hone skills of critical analysis, teamwork, and problem-solving. We take advantage of our strategic position as a global hub of innovation to develop mission-driven professionals.

Program Overview

POLS Projects

Hollyhock Leading Fellows (HLF) Capacity Building Framework for Teacher Leadership

Jen Calder

The Hollyhock Leading Fellows (HLF) Capacity Building Framework for Teacher Leadership maps the core challenge, targeted capacities and outcomes of the HLF program. The framework charts the HLF...

Venture Capital in Education: A Literature Review on the Structure of VC

Serena Cervantes

For my POLS project, I partnered with Professor Kathryn Moeller to create a literature review and glossary mapping out the overall structure of the venture capital world – the history behind...

Need a Nudge? Findings and Recommendations From an Analysis of the Academy Nudging Platform

Eric Saito

This project was in partnership with StraighterLine, a subscription-based, low-cost online college credit provider. StraighterLine sought to improve the efficacy of its automated platform of nudge...

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