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Individually Designed MA in Education

Degree offered: Master of Arts

The individually designed master's in education is intended for current doctoral students at Stanford who would like to earn a Master of Arts in education while studying for their PhD outside of Stanford GSE. The program is based on an individual program of study developed in consultation with the student's Stanford GSE advisor and must be finished in 3 years. The program consists of 45 units for the degree, at least 27 of which must be taken within Stanford GSE (students register in the Stanford GSE course number).

Prospective students must submit the following for consideration for the program:

  1. An Individually Designed MA application form
  2. A statement of purpose indicating the relevance of an MA in education to the student's doctoral degree and the academic rationale for the program proposal.
  3. A preliminary program proposal outlining the proposed coursework for the master's degree.
  4. If admitted to the program, a Graduate Program Authorization Petition must be submitted by the student in Axess and be approved by the student's home department.
  5. The Associate Dean of Student Affairs will appoint a program advisor for the student. The advisor will develop the final program proposal in consultation with the student and subject to the approval of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.


Please contact Assistant Director of Degree Programs: Caroline Stasulat

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