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Our Community

Meet our faculty, students, alumni and staff who make up a dynamic community focused on improving lives through learning, teaching, discovery and innovation.

Maya Green is getting her minor in education from the GSE.
Maya Green, BA '24, undergrad minor
A commitment to lifelong learning
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Christian Sanchez is an undergraduate student in both the minor of education and honors program at the GSE.
Christian Sanchez, BA '24, HONORS & UNDERGRAD MINOR
Creating student-centered pathways to higher education
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Foster Cournoyer Hogan received his minor of education in 2021. (Photo: Carm Shouldis)
Foster Cournoyer Hogan, BA ’21, undergrad minor
Drawing connections between people and place
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Hannah D'Apice is a PhD students at the GSE. (Photo: Joleen Richards)
Hannah D'Apice, MA ’17 International Comparative Education, PHD ’24
Disrupting systems of inequality in education
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Takondwa Semphere is one of four Knight-Hennessy scholars at the GSE.
Takondwa Semphere, MS ’24, Learning Design and Technology
Telling old stories in new ways
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Tom Nachtigal is one of four Knight-Hennessy scholars at the GSE in 2023.
Tom Nachtigal, PHD ’28 International Comparative Education
Preventing violence through education
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Tracy Li is one of four Knight-Hennessy scholars at the GSE in 2023.
Tracy Li, MS ’25 Education Data Science
Using data to improve education in humanitarian settings
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Bruno Lam is one of four 2023 Knight-Hennessy scholars in the GSE.
Bruno Lam, MS ’24 Learning Design and Technology
Filling in labor gaps with education
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Marciano Gutierrez is an instructor and academic advisor at Foothill Middle College
Marciano Gutierrez, MA ’06 Stanford Teacher Education Program
Paying it forward in the classroom
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Su Jin Jez is the CEO of California Competes.
Su Jin Jez, MA ’06, PhD ’08 Administration and Policy Analysis
A desire for justice in education
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Joi Spencer is the dean of the University of California at Riverside School of Education
Joi A. Spencer, BA ’94 undergraduate honors, MA ’99 Language Learning and Policy
Propelled by a love of learning 
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Mei Tan is a PhD student at the GSE.
Mei Tan, MS ’23 Education Data Science, PhD ’28
Navigating uncharted waters
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