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Bruce McCandliss

Bruce McCandliss
Academic Title 
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Professor, Department of Psychology (by courtesy)

Contact Information
(615) 290-0820
Barnum 207
By Appointment (e-mail)
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Yang, J.F., Shu, H., McCandliss, B. D., & Zevin J.D. (2013). Orthographic influences on division of labor in learning to read Chinese and English: Insights from computational modeling. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 16, 354-366.

Yoncheva, Y. N., Maurer, U., Zevin, J. D., & McCandliss, B. D. (2013). Effects of rhyme and spelling patterns on auditory word ERPs depend on selective attention to phonology. Brain and language, 124(3), 238-243.

Gimenez, P., Bugescu, N., Black, J., Hancock, R., Pugh, K., Nagamine, M., Kutner, E., Mazaika, P., Hendren, R., McCandliss, B. D.,  & Hoeft, F. (2014) Neuroimaging correlates of handwriting quality as children learn to read and write. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,  8:155.

Starkey, G. & McCandliss, B. D., (2014). The emergence of “groupitizing”in children’s numerical cognition. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 126, 120-137..

Mukherjee P, McCandliss B. D. Extent of microstructural white matter injury in postconcussive syndrome correlates with impaired cognitive reaction time: A 3T diffusion tensor imaging study of mild traumatic brain injury. American Journal of Neuroradiology News Digest

Weisberg, D. S., Hirsh-Pasek, K., Golinkoff, R. M., & McCandliss, B. D. (2014). Mise en place: setting the stage for thought and action. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 18(6), 276-278.

Viarouge, A., Hubbard E. M. & McCandliss, B. D. (2014). The cognitive mechanisms of the SNARC effect: an individual differences approach. PLoS One, 9 (4), e95756.

Yoncheva, Y., Maurer, U., Zevin, J., & McCandliss, B. D. (2014). Selective attention to phonology dynamically modulates initial encoding of auditory words within the left hemisphere. NeuroImage, 97 (15), 262-270

Yoncheva, Y., Wise, J., & McCandliss, B.D. (2015). Hemispheric specialization for visual words is shaped by attention to sublexical units during initial learning.  Brain and Language.,145, 23-33.

Gordon, R. L., Fehd, H. M., & McCandliss, B. D. (2015) Does music training enhance literacy skills? A Meta-analysis.  Frontiers in Psychology: 6: 1777

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