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Bruce McCandliss

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Bruce McCandliss


Assistant: Kristin Barklund

Other Titles

Professor of Education and, by courtesy, of Psychology
Professor (By courtesy), Psychology
Member, Maternal & Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI)
Member, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute

Program Affiliations


Research Interests

Brain and Learning Sciences | Diversity and Identity | Psychology | Research Methods | Technology and Education

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Recent Publications

Liao, K., McCandliss, B. D., Carlson, S. E., Colombo, J., Shaddy, D. J., Kerling, E. H., … Gustafson, K. M. (2016). Event-related potential differences in children supplemented with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids during infancy. Developmental Science.

Barnes, M. A., Klein, A., Swank, P., Starkey, P., McCandliss, B., Flynn, K., … Roberts, G. (2016). Effects of Tutorial Interventions in Mathematics and Attention for Low-Performing Preschool Children. JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON EDUCATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS, 9(4), 577–606.

Gordon, R. L., Fehd, H. M., & McCandliss, B. D. (2015). Does Music Training Enhance Literacy Skills? A Meta-Analysis. FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 6.

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