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Contact Information

Academic Services & Administration

Academic Services

Associate Dean and Director of Academic Services
Shu-Ling Chen

Assistant Director of Degree Programs
Kate McKinney

Director Admissions & Financial Aid
Loida Feliz

Admissions & Academic Services Officer
Wesley Horng

Admissions & Community Engagement Officer
Kim McCabe 

Assistant Director of Degree Programs
Caroline Stasulat

STEP Program Officer/ Credential Analyst
Viviana Alcazar

Assistant Director of Degree Programs
Tommy Liu

Admissions and Community Engagement Officer
Kim McCabe

Academic Services Administrator
Terrance Turner

GSE EdCareers
Director of EdCareers Office
Nereyda Salinas

Dean, Graduate School of Education
Dan Schwartz

Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Bryan Brown

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
Tom Dee

Senior Associate Dean for Finance & Administration
Geoff Cox

Head Librarian, Cubberley Library
Kathy Kerns

Area Chair, CTE
Hilda Borko

Area Chair, DAPS
Amado Padilla

Area Chair, SHIPS
Eric Bettinger

Area Chair, LSTD
Roy Pea

Area Chair, RILE
Arnetha Ball

Email Lists

There are a number of listservs used in the School of Education community, and students are subscribed to the lists that serve their cohort, as well as to the general list for doctoral students at School of Education. Students must be subscribed to the lists in order to post to them. Click here to view the list of emails.

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