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SHIPS - Anthropology

Students seeking careers as educational anthropologists should select a disciplinary orientation, and concentrate in the Anthropology of Education subconcentration.

The PhD candidate in Anthropology of Education will take courses in the Department of Anthropology in addition to educational anthropology courses offered in the Graduate School of Education, for a combined total of at least 45 units. The course units in anthropology should include work in methodology, theory and its history, sociocultural and psychocultural processes, and ethnography. At least 20 units must be at the advanced graduate level. The 45 units of Anthropology can be recognized as a Ph.D minor in Anthropology or as a master's in the Anthropology department.

Affiliated faculty include (are not limted to): Shelley Goldman, Ari Kelman, Ramón Antonio Martínez, Jonathan Rosa, and Guadalupe Valdes.

Doctoral Graduates

Social Science Researcher
SRI International

Assistant Professor, Education
University of Georgia

Assistant Professor
California State University San Bernardino

Director Master's Program
Stanford University

Program Officer
Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

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