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Photo of Stanford GSE doctoral students

SHIPS - Philosophy

It is expected that the philosopher of education trained at Stanford will be able to

  • analyze and clarify concepts and chains of reasoning used by teachers, researchers, administrators, and policymakers;
  • assess arguments and clarify the rhetoric of educational debates;
  • identify implicit assumptions in such arguments or statements;
  • enter into productive exchange with researchers or policymakers in at least one branch of social or human science;
  • place educational issues, and issues arising from the social sciences, into a broader philosophical and sociocultural context.

Graduates of this SSE subconcentration traditionally become college or university professors of the philosophy of education in departments or schools of education. However, a few graduates have secured joint or courtesy appointments in a school of education and a department of philosophy because of the intensive training in the minor field of general philosophy (many students take a master's degree in philosophy or philosophy of science).

Affiliated faculty include (are not limited to): none

Doctoral Graduates

Social Science Researcher
SRI International

Assistant Professor, Education
University of Georgia

Assistant Professor
California State University San Bernardino

Director Master's Program
Stanford University

Program Officer
Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

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