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Student Stories

Claire Murphy

Photo of Claire Murphy sitting on the bad with her laptop

Claire Murphy

“The most important thing is that you’re all healthy and doing OK right now”

“I just had a long Zoom meeting with a mother who's had a really hard time connecting with teachers because of time and lack of internet access. She also only speaks Spanish, so I used my high school Spanish and Google translate to communicate. It made me extra appreciative of our teacher-parent role playing in seminar. I started by checking in with her and asking about things other than school work. At one point I said (in Spanish), ‘The most important thing is that you're all healthy and doing okay right now. If we are able to get some work done together, then that will be amazing but that is not the most important thing.’ I shared my screen with her and went over how to do addition and subtraction problems so that she can help her son. I also told her what time I could meet with her son over Zoom to do similar work together. At the end of the conversation she was so happy, we were both almost in tears. It was her first time being in contact with anybody; I sent her step-by-step pictures of how to join a Zoom meeting. So, as I write this I'm feeling a little more ready for parent interactions next year."

Claire Murphy is a master’s student in Stanford’s teacher education program. She taught second grade at East Palo Alto Charter School.

May 31, 2020

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