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Nicole Ardoin

Photo of Nicole Ardoin

Nicole Ardoin

Associate Professor

Assistant: Kirsti Wagner

Office: Littlefield 374


Nicole Ardoin, Emmett Faculty Scholar, is the Sykes Family Director of the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER) in the School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences. She is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education and a Senior Fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment. Professor Ardoin and her Social Ecology Lab group research motivations for and barriers to environmental behavior at the individual and collective scales. They use mixed-methods approaches--including participant observation, a variety of interview types, surveys, mapping, network analysis, and ethnography, among others--to consider the influence of place-based connections, environmental learning, and social-ecological interactions on participation in a range of environmental and sustainability-related decisionmaking processes. Professor Ardoin and her interdisciplinary group pursue their scholarship with a theoretical grounding and orientation focused on applications for practice; much of her lab's work is co-designed and implemented with community collaborators through a field-based, participatory frame. Professor Ardoin is an associate editor of the journal Environmental Education Research, a trustee of the George B. Storer Foundation, chair of NatureBridge's Education Advisory Council, an advisor to the Student Conservation Association and Teton Science Schools, among other areas of service to the field.

Other Titles

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education
Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Affiliate, Precourt Institute for Energy
Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Program Affiliations


Research Interests

Civic Education | Collaborative Learning | Environmental Education | Gender Issues | Lifelong Learning | Psychology | Research Methods | Science Education | Social and Emotional Learning | Sociology

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Recent Publications

Gibson, L. M., Busch, K. C., Stevenson, K. T., Cutts, B. B., DeMattia, E. A., Aguilar, O. M., … Wheaton, M. (2022). What is community-level environmental literacy, and how can we measure it? A report of a convening to conceptualize and operationalize CLEL. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION RESEARCH.

Forsyth, J. E., Kempinsky, A., Pitchik, H. O., Alberts, C. J., Mutuku, F. M., Kibe, L., … LaBeaud, A. D. (2022). Larval source reduction with a purpose: Designing and evaluating a household- and school-based intervention in coastal Kenya. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 16(4), e0010199.

Ardoin, N. M., & Heimlich, J. E. (2021). Environmental learning in everyday life: foundations of meaning and a context for change. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION RESEARCH.

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