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Faculty members

Williamson, Peter

Peter Williamson
Faculty Director, STEP Secondary
Academic Title 
Associate Professor (Teaching)
Other Titles 

Faculty Director, STEP Secondary

Contact Information
(650) 736-6864
CE 303
Program Affiliations 
CTE: Literacy, Language, and English Education
CTE: Teacher Education
Access and Equity
Civic Education
Credentialing / Preparation
Curriculum and Instruction
Inner-city Youth
Language Acquisition
Language Policy
Literacy and Culture
Teacher Education
Teacher Education and Certification
Teacher Labor Markets
Technology and Literacy
Urban Education

Research interests include the teaching and learning of professional practice, urban education, the teaching of English and literacy, and equity in schooling.

2006-2008: Director, Stanford's Teachers for a New Era initiative

2015-present: Director, Stanford Teacher Education Program for Secondary teachers

Curriculum & Instruction in English

Academic Literacy

Research Methods

Teaching & Learning

STEP Seminar for Secondary Teachers

Journal articles

Williamson, P., Apedoe, X., & Thomas, C. (2016). Context as content in urban teacher preparation: Learning to teach in and for San Francisco. Urban Education, 51(10), p. 1170-1197.

Williamson, P. & Hodder, L. (2015). Unpacking practice with clinical instructional rounds in the San Francisco Teacher Residency program. International Journal of Educational Research, 73, p. 53-64.

Williamson, P. (2013). Enacting high-leverage practices in English methods: The case of discussion. English Education, 46(1).

Williamson, P., Mercurio, M., & Walker, C. (2013). Songs of the caged birds: Literacy and learning with incarcerated youth. English Journal, 102(4).

Miller, s.j., Williamson, P., George, M.A., , King, J., Charest, B., Bieler, D., & Bolf-Beliveau, L (2011). Applying the CEE position statement Beliefs about social justice in English Education to classroom praxis. English Education, 44(1).

Grossman, P., Compton, C., Igra, D., Shahan, E., Ronfeldt, M., & Williamson, P. (2009). Teaching practice: A cross-professional perspective. Teachers College Record, 111(9).

Book chapters

Williamson, P. & George, Marshall, A. (2017). Toward clinically rich English and literacy teacher preparation: A tale of two programs. In Hallman, H. (Ed). Innovations in English language arts teacher education. Advances in Research on Teaching Series, Volume 27, 185-202. Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, UK. 

Virmani, R. & Williamson, P. (2016). Lessons for teacher educators about learning to teach with technology. In Kosnik, C., White, S., Beck, C., Marshall, B., Goodwin, L. & Murray, J. (Eds.). Building Bridges: Rethinking literacy teacher education in a digital era. Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Williamson, P. (March, 2013). Engaging literacy practice through enactment and inquiry in teacher education. In Kosnik, C., Simon, R., Williamson, P., Roswell, J. & Beck, C. (Eds.), Literacy teacher educators: Preparing teachers for a changing world. Edited book. Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Williamson, P. (2010). English teaching in the United States. In J. L. Westbrook (Ed), The complete guide to becoming an English teacher. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Darling-Hammond, L., Dieckmann, J., Haertel, E., Lotan, R., Newton, X., Philipose, S., Spang, E., Thomas, E., & Williamson, P. (2010). Studying teacher effectiveness: The challenges of developing valid measures. In G. Walford & E. Tucker (Eds.), The Handbook of measurement: How social scientists generate, modify, and validate indicators and scales.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Edited book

Kosnik, C., Simon, R., Williamson, P., Roswell, J. & Beck, C. (March, 2013). Literacy teacher educators: Preparing teachers for a changing world. Edited book. Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense Publishers.