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Stressed-out students (features Denise Pope)

August 15, 2013
The "emotional issues that we're seeing with kids, the kind of stress that we're seeing is not visible, but they're bleeding," says GSE senior lecturer Denise Pope.
By David Freudberg

This new one-hour documentary from Humankind examines the epidemic of high anxiety among secondary school students in this era of high-stakes testing and sharply increased competition for the limited pool of slots available at top colleges. The consequences of elevated stress levels for students include massive cheating (one survey showed 9 of 10 students admit to cheating), high rates of angst and depression, abuse of “study drugs”, etc.

The show features Denise Pope, senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, along with high school students, educators and school counselors and an Ohio Congressman who has emerged as a voice for improving the culture of our schools. It also offers a look at ways of re-structuring the school day to reduce levels of stress, plus positive coping skills that can help kids navigate this difficult environment

Listen to the program.

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