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Study finds academic 'coaching' boosts graduation rates

March 10, 2011
The New York Times
Bettinger says coaching significantly helps college students stay in school and graduate
Jacques Steinberg

The Choice: Demystifying College Admissions and Aid Blog

3:03 p.m. | Updated Here is a link to the study. See also this comment, just published, by Professor Bettinger, in response to some commenters’ questions about the reliability of the data used in the study.

A Stanford University School of Education study being released today suggests that undergraduates who receive executive-style “coaching” — including guidance on setting goals and time management — are more likely to remain in college and graduate.

A Stanford professor, Eric Bettinger, and a doctoral student, Rachel Baker, reviewed the academic records of more than 13,500 undergraduates at eight colleges and universities during the 2003-4 school year, and again in 2007-8.

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