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Studies suggest steps to bridge digital divide among Hispanics

Brigid Barron’s work with Sesame Workshop underscores how all parents appreciate the ways that media can help children to learn.

An adult female and young female in front of a computer.

Hispanic families are using some digital tools at rates that rival their middle class white peers, but have fewer opportunities to tap into educational content that could advance children’s early growth and long-term achievement, according to research findings released in February by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop.

Brigid Barron, professor of education at Stanford University, and June Lee, vice president of international research at Sesame Workshop, co-wrote one of three new Cooney Center publications that analyzed educational media practices in Hispanic families. Their report — Aprendiendo en casa: Media as a Resource for Learning Among Hispanic-Latino Families — focused on the results of a national survey of 682 Hispanic parents on that probed how they and their children learn from digital media.

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