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Our Students

The LDT program draws students from a diverse set of backgrounds. They represent many countries, undergraduate majors, and experiences. Some are former educators, others are from industry, and others still have excelled in the creative arts. What they have in common is a commitment to defining the future of technology in education.

LDT Master's Projects

The Master's Project is an opportunity for LDT students to further develop and apply their learning. Through a learner-centered design process, students identify learning problems and apply appropriate theories about learning to create educationally informed and empirically grounded learning environments, products, and programs that effectively employ emergent technologies in variety of settings.

BOND: Share more. Preserve Memories. Have fun.

BOND seeks to help parents and young children get to know each other more deeply through a suite of fun family games. The BOND Show, the first developed application of the series, allows families...

Inspireo: Transform your distracting device into a tool for inspiration

Have you ever been distracted by technology? You are not alone. Inspireo is designed to give students “digital agency” to direct their own learning in an increasingly distracting digital world....

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Hello, Muzu: A debugging buddy for tomorrow's coders

While debugging is an essential skill in programming, few CS curricula teach it. "Hello, Muzu" is a chatbot embedded in the Scratch programming environment that helps students develop a process...

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