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Challenge Success launches online classes to help parents raise healthier, happier kids who love to learn

March 5, 2012
Challenge Success
Interactive, self-paced online classes guide parents on how to manage school and homework, extracurricular activities, the importance of play, and media

Samantha Spielman
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Challenge Success

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San Francisco, CA – Challenge Success, a non-profit organization founded at Stanford University’s School of Education, is dedicated to improving student health and engagement with learning. Challenge Success announced today that the organization has launched a series of research-based online classes to help parents make informative decisions while raising their kids in today’s fast-paced culture.

The interactive classes are self-paced and are available online at The first class, Raising Well-Balanced Children in a Fast-Paced World, is targeted at parents of elementary and middle school-aged children, and covers issues ranging from “Re-examining Success for our Children” and “School and Homework” to “The Importance of Play” and “Extracurricular Activities.”  It is available now at   

“The meaning of success is different for every child, and our goal with these classes is to help parents put their kids in the best position to reach their full learning potential and live healthy, meaningful lives,” said Dr. Denise Pope, Co-Founder of Challenge Success and Senior Lecturer at Stanford University. “Parents today often feel overwhelmed by an incredibly busy lifestyle. These research-based classes offer practical solutions parents can implement immediately to promote a more balanced schedule and a happier home life where their kids can thrive.”

Raising Well-Balanced Children in a Fast-Paced World is broken down into seven self-paced sessions that take approximately ten hours to complete. Parents may purchase the complete 7-session class, or they may choose to purchase individual sessions based on the topics they find most applicable to their lives. Class participants are presented with local and national research, and are asked to use an online journal to think through answers to challenging parenting scenarios and reflect on how they might handle similar situations. They are then presented with videos from Challenge Success co-founders Denise Pope, Madeline Levine and Jim Lobdell along with footage of other parents discussing the same scenarios during live classes. The seven sessions include: Re-examining Success for our Children; School and Homework; The Importance of Play; Extracurricular Activities; Managing Media; Your Role as a Parent; and Taking the Parenting Challenge.

For more information on the online course from Challenge Success, visit:

About Challenge Success
Challenge Success applies Stanford University-based research to work with schools and families to improve student health and engagement with learning. The organization believes the definition of success is different for every child. Through its hands-on workshops, conferences and presentations, Challenge Success provides practical, research-based tools to help kids thrive. Challenge Success helps educators create a healthier school culture by working with them to improve school policies and classroom practices; helps parents raise well-balanced kids by offering advice on things like homework, extracurricular activities and mental health; and helps students reduce stress and pressure while increasing their engagement in school. For more information, visit


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