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Research on STEP

Stanford Teacher Education Program: Fact Sheet

STEP Survey of Graduates' Pathways 2002-2011
STEP produces teachers with long-term commitment to schools.

Assessing Teacher Education: The Usefulness of Multiple Measures for Assessing Program Outcomes
Linda Darling-Hammond describes a set of research and assessment strategies used to evaluate program outcomes during program redesign.

Evaluating teacher education outcomes: a study of the Stanford Teacher Education Programme
Linda Darling-Hammond considers a set of research and assessment strategies used to evaluate program outcomes in STEP over a ten year period.

Teacher Effectiveness and Pathways into Teaching in California
Teachers for a New Era study examines the relationships among teacher education, teaching practices, and pupil learning.

Educating School Teachers
Arthur Levine article critical of teacher education programs singles out STEP as model program.

Stanford University’s Partnership Schools Initiative: Developing Schools for State-of-the-Art Practice
Linda Darling-Hammond's summary report to the American Association of Teacher Educators (AACTE).

From Coherence in Theory to Coherence in Practice
Karen Hammerness' article explores STEP's efforts to build a structurally and conceptually coherent program that will result in more powerful learning for prospective teachers.

CLAD in STEP: One Program’s Efforts to Prepare Teachers for Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
by Kelly Bikle and George C. Bunch

Stanford GSE Faculty and Research
Stanford GSE's faculty profiles provide information about faculty members research, publications, awards, course listings, affiliated programs, and contact information.

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