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Student Organizations

Student Guild

The Stanford Graduate School of Education Student Guild is the association of education students, a group which hopes to foster a vibrant graduate school experience at Stanford GSE. The Guild focuses its work in three areas: Collegiality, Advocacy, and Diversity.


Education Club

The Education Club engages Stanford business and education school students in discussions about education issues, their role in education, and business' role in education.



GradQ is a pan-graduate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) group open to all Stanford graduate students from all schools.  It works closely with Schools Out, but does not receive funding from the Graduate School of Education.


Language, Equity & Education Policy Working Group

The Language, Equity and Educational Policy Working Group (LEEP) provides a forum for dialogue across diverse strands of research in language and education and establishes a resource network for graduate students, faculty and community members. LEEP aims to bring issues of language, equity and diversity to the forefront of educational research, supports our community of emerging scholars, and brings together faculty within and beyond Stanford to discuss these issues.



SchoolsOUT is an educational/social/community group for students, staff, and faculty interested in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) issues in education. Officially a "Voluntary Student Organization," SchoolsOUT welcomes LGBT, as well as "Straight but not Narrow," members of the Stanford GSE community.

Stanford GSE Parents

Stanford GSE Parents connects students who have children with peers who are balancing family commitments with the demands of research and classes. We share tips and resources, or just tell our stories to an appreciative audience. We can even arrange baby-sitting swaps or family outings.

If you are a student who is a parent (or will soon be), you can add yourself to the "Stanford GSE Parents" email list.

Students of Color Research Network

Students of Color Research Network (SCRN) is an association of doctoral students at Stanford GSE. SCRN’s mission is to enhance the educational experience and accomplishments of Stanford GSE doctoral students of color. It seeks to accomplish this by: fostering scholarship, collegiality, and community among Stanford GSE students of color; working on recruitment/retention of students and faculty of color; providing opportunities for alumni networking and professional development; creating formal and informal links with graduate students of color at Stanford and at other Bay Area universities; and partnering with other Stanford GSE student organizations. SCRN is open to all Stanford GSE doctoral students.

Contact us

PhD students, please contact

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Jeremy Edwards
Associate Director of Degree Programs

MA POLS and MA/PP students, please contact

Wesley Horng
Wesley Horng
Associate Director of Admissions & Academic Affairs

EDS, ICE/IEPA, Individually Designed, LDT, MA/JD, MA/MBA students, please contact

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Caroline Stasulat
Associate Director of Degree Programs
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