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Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE)

Race, Inequality, and Language in Education Cross-Area Specialization

Students in R.I.L.E. will complete the core and methodological requisite courses in their base area (C.T.E., D.A.P.S., S.H.I.P.S.), as well as complete a master’s or minor outside the GSE as is required for all GSE doctoral students.  R.I.L.E. students are expected to participate in a regular R.I.L.E. colloquium seminar and select 5 courses that fit R.I.L.E.’s distribution requirements.  R.I.L.E. students should take the Colloquium (EDUC 489) during the Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters of the first year, and then again for an overall total of at least eight quarters.  This colloquium provides a vibrant forum for students and faculty to present and critique new and original research relevant to the R.I.L.E. doctoral program, to help develop a community of scholars who become familiar with one another's work, and to introduce seminal issues and fundamental works in the field.  The R.I.L.E. courses may double count with courses that satisfy other area and school requirements, as well as come from outside the school (e.g., CCSRE) to keep the overall course burden on students and faculty manageable.  The suggested study plan should include courses in each of three main areas: (1) Issues of race in education; (2) Studies of inequality and schooling; and (3) Linguistic diversity and identity. This course distribution will remain under the purview of the academic advisor. The courses are designed to help students gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the confluence of a broad range of economic, historical, political, social, and cultural factors that sustain and shape relationships among race, ethnicity, language and inequality in education within and across societies.

Photo of SHIPS, DAPS, and CTE with path into RILE

Courses in R.I.L.E.

Area 1: Issues of race in education

Area 2: Studies of inequality and schooling

Area 3: Linguistic diversity and identity

Faculty in R.I.L.E.

Please click here for a current list of R.I.L.E. faculty.

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