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Managing Student Online Bills (Statements)

All graduate students have an online bill or statement viewable in AXESS. Those who are employed as research or teaching assistants also have an online pay statement, which is separate from the online bill.

Bills/Invoices in AXESS

Students can log in to AXESS to view their billing history and balance due. The online bill contains information about financial aid (e.g., stipends and loans), expenses (e.g., housing and dining), and payments (e.g., credit card or check payments by the student). The tuition allowance from assistantships, stipends from fellowships, the health subsidy, and student loans will appear as “Anticipated Aid” in the online statement at the start of each quarter. Once those funds are disbursed, they move from the Anticipated Aid to the Payments section. Salary from assistantships does not appear as Anticipated Aid. Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit online via AXESS to expedite receipt of refund and stipend payments.

Students can now pay their bills online via Flywire in AXESS. More information is available in AXESS or at

Online Pay Statements

Salary from assistantships is paid bi-monthly approximately on the 7th and 22nd of each month. This money appears in the online pay statement (i.e., not the online bill/invoice) in AXESS only after the pay has been disbursed. Students can verify that an assistantship is in the system by looking for their tuition allowance in the Anticipated Aid section of their online bill. Assistantships will not appear in the online pay statement prior to the first pay date. Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit online via AXESS.

The ability to view the online pay statement is disabled when students are no longer employed by the University (e.g., during quarters in which they are not working as research or teaching assistants). Therefore, it is recommended that students print their online statements if they anticipate needing a hardcopy at a future date. Otherwise, hardcopies can be ordered directly from the University Payroll Office for charge.

Payroll Deductions

Students can apply for payroll deductions online via AXESS to cover housing, dining services, and other costs. These expenses can be deducted directly from their net pay from assistantship or other salaries. Student Financial Services, in conjunction with the Stanford Payroll Office, administer this program. Questions or issues should be submitted online via the HELP SU system. The “Student Accounts” or “Payroll” category should be used when filing the help ticket. Or, Student Financial Services can be reached at (650) 723-2181.

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