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Graduate School of Education Course Policies

Students are expected to plan their coursework for the academic year in the Autumn quarter by consulting with their advisor, program director, and Explore Courses/Axess. Questions about the time schedule may be directed to the Associate Director of Degree Programs and Faculty Affairs, Tommy Liu at

Cross-Listed Courses

There is no limit to the number of cross-listed courses that students may count toward the minimum number of Education units required for their program, except where limits are expressly placed for their particular program's requirements (for example, in the Joint Degree program with the GSB).

Non-STEP Student Enrollment in STEP Courses

STEP courses are designed specifically for students in that program. Their courses are closely integrated with one another and are typically linked to the student teaching experience. The exclusive focus of these courses on the professional preparation of teachers often makes them unsuitable for students in other programs at the Graduate School of Education. Students interested in taking STEP courses not designated "STEP only" in Explore Courses should contact the instructor of the course to determine if enrollment is possible.

Enrollment in Methodology Courses

In order to assist students with data collection and analysis for their Master's Projects, students will be required (or are highly encouraged) to enroll in a methodology class. Two methodology courses are most popular and are either required or highly recommended for the majority of Master's students in the Graduate School of Education: EDUC 200A, Introduction to Data Analysis and Interpretation, and EDUC 200B, Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods.

Students in the CTE and LDT programs are required to take either EDUC 200A or 200B to fulfill their program's Research Methods requirement.

Students in ICE/IEPA  are required to take two methodology courses from a pre-approved list, which includes EDUC 200A and 200B.

Students in POLS are required to take one methodology course from a pre-approved list, which includes EDUC 200A and EDUC 200B.

Since EDUC 200A and 200B are courses in high demand, enrollment in both of these courses is limited and registration in EDUC 200B is managed based on a priority list by program. A few additional notes:

  • Both sections of EDUC 200A and 200B will have identical curriculum/course syllabi
  • The EDUC 200A instructors will not prioritize by program. However, students in certain cohorts are likely to have a scheduling conflict with one of the two sections.
  • EDUC 200B registration is based on a priority list by program (please see table below):

EDUC 200A: Introduction to Data Analysis and Interpretation

Section 1 Section 2
Autumn Quarter 2023 Autumn Quarter 2023
Class # (for Registration): 1873 Class # (for Registration): 1901
Instructor: Guillermo Solano-Flores Instructor: Candace Thille
Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30pm-5:50pm Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:00-4:20pm

200B: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

Section 1 Section 2
Autumn Quarter 2023 Winter Quarter 2024
Class # (for Registration): 1874 Class # (for Registration): 1163
Instructor: Denise Pope Instructor: Ann Jaquith
Thursdays 9:00-11:50am Tuesdays 8:30-11:20am
1st: LDT 1st: ICE/IEAPA
2nd: POLS and CTE 2nd: CTE and POLS
3rd: ICE/IEAPA 3rd: LDT

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Wesley Horng
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EDS, ICE/IEPA, Individually Designed, LDT, MA/JD, MA/MBA students, please contact

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