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Current Students

We believe that career management involves personal reflection, exploration, and long-term planning. We encourage students to connect with our office early in the academic year and to participate in our workshops and internship fair to help explore the types of opportunities that exist as well as acquire the skills necessary to pursue a career choice.

EdCareers Career Education has a vast amount of resources to help you begin your professional development journey while studying at the GSE.

Coaching Model

Know Thyself

coaching model

This is the most critical step because everything else builds on it.

Career Development Assessments

  • Complete the EdCareers Compass Exercise
  • Participate in a reflective/introspective exercise to help you articulate your values and career goals (we suggest "Finding Your Own North Star" by Martha Beck).
  • Complete the StrengthsQuest assessment to help you articulate your unique assets.

Explore the Landscape

Build industry knowledge via:

  • Interactive workshops on networking, informational interviewing and more.
  • General and industry-specific newsletters.
  • Attend EdCareers Internship Fair and BEAM job Fairs.

Connect with the Players

Connect with individuals and organizations that intrigue you via:

Execute Your Game Plan

Manage the nuts and bolts of securing the right position. These resources can be found in the Document Library in the EdCareers Portal.

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Interview
  • Negotiating

For a PDF version of this information click here.

To learn more about our coaches and schedule a coaching appointment, visit the Meet our Team page.


EdCareers Career Education offers a variety of resources to our students, outlined below. In addition to our own offerings, we work with key campus partners to deliver the best possible suite of offerings to our students. 

Compass Exercise

A little time invested into thinking about your career goals will help pave the way for a successful job search. Spend some time thinking about your career path and where you would like your next steps to take you. Click here to access the Compass Exercise for students and alumni.

EdCareers Newsletter

Every week the EdCareers team emails a newsletter with information about career events and workshops happening at the GSE and around campus. It also includes all new job and internships postings from the previous week. As a new student you will automatically receive this newsletter via email.

One-on-one coaching

Schedule a 30-minute appointment with one of our EdCareers staff members on topics including career exploration in the field of education, interview and networking techniques, connecting with alumni and leaders in the field of education, and more. We offer quarterly coaching sessions to all GSE students. To learn more about our coaches and schedule a coaching appointment, visit the Meet our Team page.

Connect With Alumni

EdCareers LinkedIn Group

The EdCareers LinkedIn group is a great opportunity to connect with GSE alumni and students across all areas of education. To join the group:

  1. Create your Stanford alumni email address
  2. Add your alumni address to your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Join the group!

Need some help getting your profile started?  Start by importing the basics of your resume (employers, education, and skills), add a professional looking headshot and start connecting with your colleagues. Read about creating a robust LinkedIn profile.

Alumni Directory

After completing one quarter at Stanford, all GSE students are invited to create an account with the Stanford Alumni Association. This enables students to utilize the Stanford Alumni Directory, and conduct searches for alumni working at specific organizations or geographic areas, and also filter by degree program. This is a great resource for starting to Connect with the Players!

Alumni Mentoring

The Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM) program connects current students with alumni who are willing to share their workplace and educational experience in long-term mentoring relationships. Students at all levels are welcome to participate, and graduate students exploring careers outside of academia may find this resource especially valuable. We highly encourage GSE students to take advantage of this program because only current Stanford students are allowed to find mentors through SAM. Register at the beginning of fall, winter and spring quarters by filling out an online profile and attending a 45-minute orientation.  Sign up for SAM.

Job Boards

In addition to the EdCareers Portal, we recommend the following job boards:

GSE Identity Toolkit

Interested in ordering Stanford GSE business cards or stationary? Order print materials that reflect the GSE identity and find information on use of the official GSE signature and vision.

Additional Resources

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