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Anne Colby

Photo of Anne Colby

Anne Colby

Adjunct Professor

Office: Ventura Hall 27

Other Titles

Adjunct Professor, Research Staff - Other

Recent Publications

Morton, E., Colby, A., Bundick, M., & Remington, K. (2019). Hiding in plain sight: Older US purpose exemplars. JOURNAL OF POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, 14(5), 614–24.

Bundick, M. J., Remington, K., Morton, E., & Colby, A. (2019). The Contours of Purpose Beyond the Self in Midlife and Later Life. APPLIED DEVELOPMENTAL SCIENCE.

Gilmartin, S. K., Thompson, M. E., Morton, E., Jin, Q., Chen, H. L., Colby, A., & Sheppard, S. D. (2019). Entrepreneurial intent of engineering and business undergraduate students. JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION, 108(3), 316–36.

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