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Anne Colby

Photo of Anne Colby

Anne Colby

Adjunct Professor

Assistant: Lisa Staton

Other Titles

Social Science Research Scholar, GSE Faculty Research

Research Interests

Civic Education | Higher Education | Psychology

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Recent Publications

Damon, W., Colby, A., & King, P. E. (2018). They do care: An interview with William Damon and Anne Colby on moral development. JOURNAL OF MORAL EDUCATION, 47(4), 383–96.

Liauw, I., Baelen, R. N., Borah, R. F., Yu, A., & Colby, A. (2018). Gratitude for teachers as a psychological resource for early adolescents: A mixed-methods study. JOURNAL OF MORAL EDUCATION, 47(4), 397–414.

Ballard, P. J., Malin, H., Porter, T. J., Colby, A., & Damon, W. (2015). Motivations for Civic Participation Among Diverse Youth: More Similarities than Differences. RESEARCH IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, 12(1-2), 63–83.

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