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Claude Goldenberg

Other Titles

Nomellini-Olivier Professor of Education, Emeritus

Program Affiliations

CTE: Literacy, Language, and English Education
CTE: Teacher Education

Research Interests

Curriculum and Instruction | Literacy and Language | Teachers and Teaching

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Recent Publications

Rojas, R., Iglesias, A., Bunta, F., Goldstein, B., Goldenberg, C., & Reese, L. (2016). Interlocutor differential effects on the expressive language skills of Spanish-speaking English learners. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY, 18(2), 166–177.

Cha, K., & Goldenberg, C. (2015). The Complex Relationship Between Bilingual Home Language Input and Kindergarten Children's Spanish and English Oral Proficiencies. JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, 107(4), 935–953.

Goldenberg, C. (2015). Congress: Bilingualism is not a handicap. Education Week.

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