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Eamonn Callan

Eamonn Callan
Eamonn Callan
Academic Title 
Professor Emeritus
Other Titles 

Pigott Family School of Education Professor, Emeritus

Contact Information
(650) 723-8317
EDUC 218
Program Affiliations 
SHIPS (PhD): Philosophy of Education
SHIPS (PhD): Social Sciences in Education

Civic and moral education; ethical and civic dimensions of educational policy; multicultural education and minority rights in education.

Dr. Callan is a philosopher of education whose work draws heavily on contemporary moral and political theory. His principal interests are in civic and moral education, and in the application of theories of justice and democracy to problems in educational policy and practice.

"The pluralism of free societies makes urgent the task of creating citizens who share a sufficiently cohesive political identity."

  • BA (English and Classical Civilization), National University of Ireland, 1976
  • MA (Education), National University of Ireland, 1978
  • PhD (Philosophy of Education), University of Alberta, 1982

Since 1999:

Professor of Education

Associate Dean for Student Affairs (2008 - )

Sessional Lecturer, University of Alberta (1982-1984)

Mactaggart Fellow (Assistant Professor, 1984-1989)

Assistant Professor of Education (1989-1991)

Associate Professor of Education (1991-1996)

Professor of Education (1996-1999)

  • Introduction to Philosophy of Education (Ed 204)

“When to Shut Students Up: Civility, Silencing, and Free Speech”, Theory and Research in Education, 9 (2011): 3-22

The Better Angels Of Our Nature: Lincoln and Dirty Hands" Journal Of Political Philosophy 18 (2010): 249-270.

 “Why Bring the Kids into This? Anscombe and McLaughlin on Parental Rights” in Graham Haydon (ed.), Faith In Education: A Tribute To Terence Mclauglin (London: Institute of education press, 2009),

“Teaching Evidence-Based Citizenship” in Alice Noble (ed.), K-16 Education and Evidence-Based Decision Making  (Cambridge, MA: American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2009), pp. 51-57.

(with Dylan Arena), “Indoctrination” in Harvey Siegel (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Political Philosophy (Oxford Philosophy: Oxford University Press, 2009): 104-121

“American Democracy, Education, and Utopianism”, in John Weins and David Coulter (ed.),  Why Should We Educate? Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education 107, 1 (2008): 74-82

“Democratic Patriotism and Multicultural Education” in Michael Katz, Susan Verducci and Gert Biesta (eds.), Education, Democracy, and the Moral Life (New York: Springer 2009), pp. 59-70. [This is a reprint from and article published in Studies in Philosophy of Education in 2004]

“Justice, Autonomy, and The Good”, in Randall Curren (ed.), Philosophy of Education: an Anthology (Oxford: Blackwell, 2007), pp. 124-133 [Excerpted from Creating Citizens].

“Replies to Blum, Gines, McPherson, and Stubblefield, Symposia on Race, Gender, and Philosophy,  2 (2006): 12 pp.

“Love, Idolatry and Patriotism”, Social Policy and Practice, 32 (2006): 425-46.

Professor Callan is a philosopher of education whose work draws heavily on contemporary moral and political theory. He received his BA and MA from National University of Ireland. His PhD in Philosophy of Education was completed at the University of Alberta. Since 1999, Prof. Callan has served as a member of the faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and has served as the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for over ten years. The Associate Dean oversees Academic Services, Career Resources and Lecturers; lecturer and faculty teaching assignments; academic program changes; TA and RA assignments; Chair of Area Chairs Cmte.

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