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Hilda Borko

Photo of Hilda Borko

Hilda Borko


Assistant: Sylvia Cardenas

Office: CERAS 528


My research explores teachers’ instructional practices, the process of learning to teach, the impact of teacher professional development programs on teachers and students, and the preparation of professional development leaders. My current projects include partnerships with local school districts to improve teaching and professional development in mathematics and science, and to build capacity within the school districts to prepare and support professional development leaders, with a focus on enduring robust learning opportunities for all students.

Other Titles

Professor, Graduate School of Education
Member, Bio-X

Program Affiliations

CTE: Mathematics Education
CTE: Teacher Education
Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD)

Research Interests

Math Education | Professional Development | Science Education | Teachers and Teaching

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Recent Publications

Wilsey, M., Kloser, M., Borko, H., & Rafanelli, S. (2020). Middle School Science Teachers' Conceptions of Assessment Practice Throughout a Year-long Professional Development Experience. EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT, 25(2), 136–58.

Osborne, J. F., Borko, H., Fishman, E., Gomez Zaccarelli, F., Berson, E., Busch, K. C., … Tseng, A. (2019). Impacts of a Practice-Based Professional Development Program on Elementary Teachers' Facilitation of and Student Engagement With Scientific Argumentation. AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL.

Borko, H., Carlson, J., Mangram, C., Anderson, R., Fong, A., Million, S., … Villa, A. M. (2017). The role of video-based discussion in model for preparing professional development leaders. International Journal of STEM Education, 4(1), 29.

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