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Jelena Obradović


My research examines how contextual risk and adversity influence children’s adaptation across multiple domains of functioning over time. I am interested in identifying the biological, behavioral, and environmental processes that enable some highly disadvantaged children to demonstrate remarkable resilience, while placing others at risk for maladaptive outcomes. I primarily study how exposure to environmental risk and adversity interacts with children’s stress reactivity and self-regulatory abilities to influence their social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Other Titles

Associate Professor of Education
Member, Bio-X

Program Affiliations


Research Interests

Adolesence | Brain and Learning Sciences | Child Development | Diversity and Identity | Early Childhood | Immigrants and Immigration | Psychology | Social and Emotional Learning

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Recent Publications

Garcia, E. B., Sulik, M. J., & Obradovic, J. (2019). Teachers' Perceptions of Students' Executive Functions: Disparities by Gender, Ethnicity, and ELL Status. JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, 111(5), 918–31.

Bardack, S., & Obradovic, J. (2019). Observing teachers' displays and scaffolding of executive functioning in the classroom context. JOURNAL OF APPLIED DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, 62, 205–19.

Islam, S. A., Goodman, S. J., MacIsaac, J. L., Obradovic, J., Barr, R. G., Boyce, W. T., & Kobor, M. S. (2019). Integration of DNA methylation patterns and genetic variation in human pediatric tissues help inform EWAS design and interpretation. Epigenetics & Chromatin, 12(1), 1.

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