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Jennifer Marie Langer-Osuna

Photo of Jennifer Langer-Osuna

Jennifer Langer-Osuna

Associate Professor

- Identity, Engagement, and Learning Lab

Assistant: Emily Farrell

Office: Littlefield 375

Other Titles

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education

Program Affiliations

CTE: Mathematics Education
Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD)
Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE)

Recent Publications

Osuna, J. M., & Munson, J. (2024). Exploring what teachers notice about students' interactional dynamics during collaborative mathematics problem-solving and their connections to instructional practice. TEACHING AND TEACHER EDUCATION, 137.

Langer-Osuna, J., Munson, J., Gargroetzi, E., Williams, I., & Chavez, R. (2020). "So what are we working on?": how student authority relations shift during collaborative mathematics activity. EDUCATIONAL STUDIES IN MATHEMATICS.

Langer-Osuna, J. M., Gargroetzi, E., Munson, J., & Chavez, R. (2020). Exploring the Role of Off-Task Activity on Students' Collaborative Dynamics. JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, 112(3), 514–32.

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