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Elizabeth Kozleski

Photo of Elizabeth Bailey Kozleski

Elizabeth Bailey Kozleski

Dean’s Senior Scholar for Teaching and Research


Elizabeth B. Kozleski engages systems change and research on equity and justice issues in inclusive education in schools, school systems and with State Education Agencies. Her research interests include the analysis of systems change in education, how teachers learn in practice in complex, diverse school settings, as well how educational practices improve student learning. Awards include the 2018 Budig Award for Teaching Excellence in Special Education at the University of Kansas, the 2017 Boeing-Allan Visiting Endowed Chair at Seattle University, the University of Kansas 2016 Woman of Distinction award, the 2013 Scholar of the Century award from the University of Northern Colorado, the 2011 TED-Merrill award for leadership in special education teacher education in 2011, and the UNESCO Chair in Inclusive International Research. She is the recipient of more than $33 million in federal and local research grants. She has published in a number of highly respected journals including Education Policy Analysis Annuals, Educational Researcher, the Journal of Special Education, Remedial and Special Education, and the Review of Research in Education.

Professor Kozleski has published a number of articles on the design and development of teacher education programs that involve extensive clinical practice in general education settings, has led the development of such programs in three universities, and continues to do research and development work in teacher education. She has provided technical assistance as well as conducted research on the impact of technical assistance on individuals, as well as local, state, and national systems in the U.S. and abroad.

She has senior leadership roles on four projects: SWIFT, CEEDAR, Emergent Literacy Curriculum for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in General Education Classrooms, and Special Education Leadership in System-wide Equity and Access for Students from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds. Professor Kozleski serves on the Board of Editors for the book series Inclusive Education and Partnerships, an international book series produced by Deep University. Her recent books include Ability, Equity, and Culture (with co-author Kathleen King Thorius) published by Teachers College Press in ‘14 and Equity on Five Continents (with Alfredo Artiles and Federico Waitoller) published in ‘11 by Harvard Education Press.

Other Titles

Dean?s Senior Scholar for Teaching and Research, GSE Dean's Office Operations

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