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Lisa Chamberlain


Lisa Chamberlain, MD, MPH, Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Chair of Policy and Community and the Arline and Pete Harman Faculty Scholar at Stanford Children's Hospital. Dr. Chamberlain has focused her career on the elimination of child health disparities. She is committed to do this in two ways: 1) transforming the way pediatricians practice by developing and disseminating models of community engaged pediatrics by combining principles from both medicine and public health, and 2) conducting health services research to inform policy.

She founded and co-directs the Stanford Pediatric Advocacy Program to train leaders in Community Pediatrics and Advocacy. She co-founded the California Community Pediatric Collaborative, uniting 14 training programs to advance education addressing pediatric health disparities. The Collaborative has trained over 2,500 pediatricians since 2007 and is an emerging national model, having been replicated across five states. She has disseminated these programs nationally in over 20 invited visiting professorships, keynote speakerships and national conference presentations. In addition to her educational programs and health services research, In 2011 at the height of the Great Recession she founded the Summer Lunch Bridge to address rising hunger rates, which has distributed over 300,000 meals to date. She has authored 54 peer-reviewed publications, she completed her pediatric training at Stanford, a General Academic Fellowship at UCSF/Stanford, and her Masters of Public Health at UC Berkeley.

Other Titles

Professor - University Medical Line, Pediatrics - General Pediatrics
Professor - University Medical Line (By courtesy), Graduate School of Education
Member, Maternal & Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI)

Recent Publications

Connelly, E., Ordaz, Y., Perez, J., De La Cruz, M. M., Chamberlain, L., Bruguera, R., … Bruce, J. (2021). Clinic-Based School Readiness: A Qualitative Examination of a Text Messaging Intervention. JOURNAL OF HEALTH CARE FOR THE POOR AND UNDERSERVED, 32(2), 43–61.

Ramirez, M. R., Bruce, J. S., Ball, A. J., Gambhir, S., Zabrocka, K., Sahak, O., … Chamberlain, L. J. (2020). Pediatric Departmental Advocacy: Our Experience Addressing the Social Challenges of COVID-19 and Racism. The Journal of Pediatrics.

Peterson, J. W., Huffman, L. C., Bruce, J., Prata, N., Harley, K. G., & Chamberlain, L. J. (2020). A Clinic-Based School Readiness Coaching Intervention for Low-Income Latino Children: An Intervention Study. Clinical Pediatrics, 9922820941230.

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