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David Rogosa


In his research, Dr. Rogosa seeks to develop and apply statistical methods for important problems in educational research. At present, Rogosa focuses on statistical issues in educational assessment and accountability. Dr. Rogosa also has published extensively on statistical methods for longitudinal research (especially for studies of learning and development), methods for the collection and analysis of observations of behavior (particularly in research on teaching), and statistical methods for large-scale educational assessments.

Other Titles

Emeritus (Active) Professor, Graduate School of Education

Program Affiliations


Research Interests

Assessment, Testing and Measurement | Research Methods | Sociology | Standards

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Recent Publications

Rogosa, D. (2005). Statistical misunderstandings of the properties of school scores and school accountability. Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, 104(2).

Rogosa, D., & Saner, H. (1995). Longitudinal data analysis examples with random coefficient models. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 20(2).

Rogosa, D., & Ghandour, G. (1991). Statistical models for behavioral observations. Journal of Educational Statistics, 16(3).

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